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Administrative Assistant to support the pastor and work of the Courthouse Road Church. This fifteen hour position will help make ministry happen through the support of communication and details. Contact Pastor Crews to express your interest int his position by emailing or calling 757-639-7384


9 Core Competencies of Successful Administrative Professionals

The successful administrative professional has a wide variety of skills, characteristics and qualities. These core competencies are based on the foundation of a relationship with Jesus and the desire to be the face of a church called to build bridges back to God.

1. Adaptability

  • Demonstrates flexibility in the face of change
  • Projects a positive demeanor regardless of changes in working conditions
  • Shows the ability to manage multiple conflicting priorities without loss of composure

2. Organization

  • Time Management: Determines the appropriate allocation of time
  • Space Management: Effectively manages the workspace (i.e. keeps a clean and organized office, appropriately handles all paperwork, maintains control over the physical environment, etc.)
  • Task Management: Balances conflicting priorities in order to manage workflow, ensure the completion of essential projects, and meet critical deadlines

3. Proactive

  • Demonstrates the ability to foresee problems and prevent them by taking action
  • Utilizes analytical skills and a broad understanding of the business to effectively interpret and anticipate needs

4. Communication Skills

  • Listening skills: Understands that the most important aspect of communication is the act of listening and actively works to improve those skills
  • Oral skills: Speaks with confidence using clear, concise sentences and is easily understood
  • Written skills: Produces well thought-out, professional correspondence free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Telephone/E-mail/FaceBook: Uses high quality, professional oral and written skills (as described above) to project a positive image of the business

5. Client Service

  • Interacts professionally with clients and associates at all times
  • Promptly responds to requests with accuracy and a courteous demeanor

6. Church Understanding

  • Demonstrates an awareness of fundamental Christian principles as well as an understanding of the culture in which the church operates and the confidentiality required.

7. Team Player

  • Works as a competent member of the team, willingly providing back-up support for co-workers when appropriate and actively supporting group goals

8. Computer/Technical Skills

  • Displays proficiency using standard office equipment such as the computer, website management, photocopier, Word, Canva, PhotoShop, MailChimp, OneCallNow, etc.
  • Demonstrates advanced proficiency by quickly adapting to new technology and easily acquiring new technical skills

9. Judgment

  • Exhibits sound judgment and the ability to make reasonable decisions in the absence of direction
  • Swiftly refers problems/issues to the appropriate person(s) when necessary
  • Works effectively without constant and direct supervision or guidance


Administrative Assistant Job Description

Courthouse Road SDA Church

March 2018

POSITION TITLE: Administrative Assistant

REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor, but under authority of church board

Purpose: To support the work of the pastor by managing many of the details needed to fulfill the mission God called the Courthouse Road Church to. The church administrative assistant is responsible for managing many of the administrative aspects of the church and working with church members and staff to most effectively achieve the church’s mission. It is a paid ministry of the church; the person in this position will be extending the ministry of the Courthouse Road Church to our members and surrounding community.


Email: Maintain church e-mail account and keep mass email list up to date using MailChimp and Church Community Builder. Manage content for and design weekly newsletter. Read and/or forward any messages to pastor or team members as needed. Respond to emails as necessary.

Teams: Send reminders of up-coming meetings to designated teams, which may also include minutes prepared by committee secretaries. File minutes to all meetings on office computer.

Preparation of Weekly Bulletin: Compile and proof all information from staff members and church members for weekly bulletins with pastor’s approval prior to publishing for upcoming Sabbath Service. Maintain past copies of bulletins for reference on office computer. Distribute copies to foyer table of church. Upload weekly bulletin to church web-site. Includes graphic designs for publicity documents and bulletin inserts. Requires familiarity with PhotoShop and Canva as well as websites for royalty free images and designs.

Weekly Newsletter and Special Events Reminders: Create an engaging and graphically appealing newsletter on a weekly basis. Triage bulletin information, calendar events, and information from the pastor in order to choose content. Allows for creative design and regular research on modern communication styles.

Postal Duties: Receive, send and distribute all in-coming /outgoing church related mail and packages, as needed.

Maintenance of Office Equipment: Operate and call service technicians for maintenance and repairs when needed. Make recommendations for equipment that may be needed.

Manage Debit Card: Be responsible for making church purchases with church debit card when requested. All purchases must be pre-approved by treasurer, documented and a debit receipt form turned in with purchase receipt.

Purchase Supplies: Purchase office supplies for administrative office, kitchen supplies, outreach events, as well as paper goods and cleaning supplies for the church. Purchases may include other needed items for the church not listed.

Mange Service Providers: Coordinate service details for janitorial, lawn service, and other paid providers. Includes affirmation of positive work and dealing tactfully with challenges.

Maintain Membership Directory: Maintain membership information and visitor information in CCB. Protect member’s information, use confidential information appropriately.

Reservations: Take reservations for all church functions requiring the church facility and mark the church calendar accordingly. Send a copy of the Facilities Agreement and Policies for all parties interested in using the church for functions that are not church related. Review all agreements with the pastor and facility team leader before an approval or denial is made. Deposits are to be held until the event is completed and obligations are met. Return deposits when the event has been signed off by the person in charge of overseeing the event and facility. Receive keys/fobs and return them to security administrator.

Calendar: Keep master CCB calendar for all church functions, groups within the church or other. Communicate this information in weekly bulletin, or reminders, as needed. Keep website event calendar current.

Phones: Answer all incoming calls made to the church and direct callers to the appropriate church leader; take messages if necessary. Daily monitor phone system messages and direct to the appropriate personnel.

Guests and Financial Assistance: Welcome and assist all guests. Direct requests for financial assistance to the appropriate person.

Continuing Education: Use available time and resources to maintain and improve administrative, creative and computer skills. Choose an online or in person event at least once a year for continuing education. Requests for further training can be made to the pastor. The church board will approve funds for needed training.

General Needs: Provide administrative support to allow the pastor to focus on specialized tasks. This includes making phone calls as requested, set up appointments as needed. Communicating any special needs of congregational members and visitors to the pastor, as reported. Will include setting up for special programs, the opportunity to do research for special events or presentations.  Handle other miscellaneous church related requests from the pastor that may not be listed in the job description.

General Ministry Support: Design forms and flyers as requested by ministry leaders. Make copies needed to support ministries.

Website: Maintain general oversight of the website. Serving as its administrator to request content, upload graphics, and keep a fresh feel to the church website. Research website trends and implement changes as needed to remain current and accessible.

Misc duties: Organize and maintain files; prepare baptismal certificates, post fliers and announcements on church bulletin board; maintain literature rack and literature supply, ministry forms, sign-up sheets, and publications in lobby; make hotel reservations for out of town guest speakers.

*Note: It is understood that this is a “living” document and responsibilities listed can change over time. As such, every effort will be made to review this Job Description on an annual basis and update accordingly to reflect current and best practices.

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Contact Pastor Crews with any questions at or 757-639-7384 


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