Let's Move with Armand Devoir

During the time we've stayed home for Covid-19, we started the Connected Church Challenge. Join us!

Connected Church Challenge

​Here's our challenge:

Dedicate 24 minutes every day for intentional movement. To help inspire you, we have been posting motivational videos on FaceBook from our fitness trainer Armand Devoir. [You can find them all below.]

Please, join us in this challenge!

After watching the videos, click the button below to share how many minutes you moved and we'll add your minutes of movement to our church-move total for the week!

Here are Armand's videos...

Anything is possible.
Victory stories aren't all podium finishes.
Commit 24 minutes to intentional movement.
Not All Days Are Created Equal
Embrace where you are - it's YOUR journey!
What do I do next?
The Final Challenge