Our Pastor

“We are thrilled to be moving back to Virginia and we look forward to helping guide CRC to continue to be a leader in the community.  It is an honor to be called to serve in the capital city.  I know you have been in great hands up to this point, and with God’s grace and blessings, many great things will continue to happen through this church.” - Pastor Scott Young



Scott grew up in Roanoke, VA and has always thought of Virginia as home.  Scott and Jennifer met at Walla Walla College where he was working toward a BA in Religion. Just after Scott graduated from WWC, they got married and moved to Virginia.  Jennifer finished her undergrad degree at Radford University and then they moved to Harrisonburg to attend James Madison University.  Scott earned an MBA and Jennifer eared a Master in Audiology.


They moved to Woodbridge where Scott worked as a financial representative and Jennifer worked as an audiologist. Fifteen months later, they moved to Charlotte, NC where Scott worked in corporate finance for three years.  That is where God called them into pastoral ministry.  Scott served as a pastor for two churches before seminary.


Evan was also born in Charlotte.  Meghan was born while at Andrews University and then the family moved back to NC for another 8 years.  The final year in North Carolina, Scott entered Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Duke University Hospital. After completing that, the family moved to Vancouver, WA where Scott has been a night chaplain at a trauma level 2 hospital and Jennifer has been an audiologist in neighboring Portland, OR.

Recently, the family has felt a call back to pastoral ministry. Jennifer’s hobbies include playing piano, reading, and cooking.  Scott loves most professional and college sports and he likes to bake.