We are an Online Church

Times demand that we act like an online church

Times demand that we act like an online church. We used to be Courthouse Road Church, a church who streamed online. But with the physical distancing demanded with the coronavirus we are now an online church with a physical location.

I know that’s hard to swallow and adjust to. My defaults are to picture the anchor point of our church is the building at 530 Courthouse Road. That is not our current reality. We are now an online church. This means we prioritize resources for reaching people in the digital world because this is where we can connect with people. 

Simple ways you can help:

1) Be a Christian on social media: If someone read through your feed, could they tell that you believe in Jesus? Look for Bible verses that touch you. Look for positive content. Look for an absence of profanity. Look for a ways to grapple with difficult topics in a Christlike manner.

2) Show how you respond: When you see content shared by your church that touches you, click a heart or a wow. Show how you are responding. Take a minute a comment, even if it is just an amen or a praying for you. It’s a free way to let your friends know you love your church. Do you notice how you see posts your friends comment on? FaceBook puts a priority to posts with comments and likes.

3) Share content from your church: When a Bible verse or a call for prayer touches you, click share. It only takes a moment, but it will allow your friends to see your love for God as well as the church you worship Him with.

This is a big shift, and I invite you to go with me on discovering what it looks like to be effective in the digital world. People will find out who we are as a church first from you and our digital presence. You can help shape what people think and see of your church. Don’t just be a consumer, be a creator of what they see.