Live Stream

Watch our Family Worship Service online every Saturday at 11:30 AM

We look forward to seeing you online!

Did you know there are FOUR ways you can participate in Sabbath worship?

Join the Livestream

Family worship experience is just a click away. Our service focuses on a Bible passage and how it can inform our lives today. There is music, a special story for the kids and a special feature. An online host will answer any questions you have as we engage in worship of our Savior Jesus. Facebook Livestream!

Invite people to view with you in your home

Think about the people you feel safe socializing with, and make your time together purposeful. Invite them to join you in your home for a watch party from your living room. 

Post your comments on the Chat

When you join the live stream, post a hello. It might be just a list of who is sitting around the screen with you. If there’s a part of the service that sticks with you, post it. Like the special music? Give thanks for them using their talents to praise God. How to Engage on a Live Stream

Start a watch party on FaceBook

Have friends in another state and you want to worship together? It’s a click away. First step, join the live stream on FaceBook. Watch the chat because there’s an option that will pop up, “do you know someone who would enjoy this, start a watch party!” Click that button and away you go. You will be able to see who joins and you can chat online as you worship together. 14 Things to Know About Face­book Watch Party

Alternate Viewing Locations

  • Facebook - Join the conversation with our worship host in the comment section of our Facebook Live Stream!
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

We are so thankful to everyone who is working behind the scenes to create an opportunity for us to worship together in person and online. To attend Sabbath Service online, click the video below or join us for the LIVE CHAT on the Facebook Livestream!