Math Tutoring Nights

FREE TUTORING for Rising 4-6th Graders!

Has your child struggled with math this school year?

Our Summer MATH TUTORING NIGHTS are held to prepare for success in the Fall. This is a FREE Community Program in Math Fluency for rising fourth to sixth graders.

Registration coming in Spring 2024.


Courthouse Road Church of Seventh-day Adventist (CRC), in South Richmond/North Chesterfield, VA invites the church and community to join us in developing Community Program in Math Fluency for rising fourth to sixth graders. We are responding to natural and local declines in math test scores to help students and families in our community recover from the decline attributed to lost class time during Covid-19 school closures. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Pastor Scott Young or our coordinator Elder Wendell White.



Several months CRCs Pastor, Scott Young, responded to a news story about the national decline in math by personally volunteering at a local elementary to help 5th graders with their math skills fluency.

Virginia eighth-grade math scores fell 8 points on a 500-point scale, (from 287 in 2019 to 279 this year). Fourth-grade scores slipped 11 points over the same period (from 247 to 236).

Source: COVID Set Back VA In Math And Reading, 'Nation's Report Card' Shows, by Mark Hand on

He recently shared and received the idea and received endorsement from the CRC Leadership group to invite church and community members to come together to develop a program to assist more students over the summer when children typically lose their learning gains.



Our vision for the summer is to minimally have a weekly math fluency night beginning at CRC in late June, where we would offer 3 or more rooms focused on specific math fluency. For example, one room could be Addition and Subtraction, another Multiplication and Division, another, Everyday Math Usage, and perhaps an introduction to Algebra.

Each room will repeat the content to allow students to review as many times as needed, without any pressure to move on until they acquire confidence. Students may also bring specific issues they may have had challenges with during the past school year. We would like to serve snacks or simple meals for the participants and volunteers each week.




We need volunteers to lead and serve in work groups to develop and deliver the final plan and lead the execution of the vision over the next thirty days. The suggested workgroups include:

Curriculum/Tools – The workgroup will identify and source curriculum and tools for the Math Fluency nights. Educators and education administrators are highly desired in this workgroup. The work needs to be completed by early June to determine the timelines and activities of the other workgroups. 

Facilitator Acquisition/Coordination – Math fluency facilitators' acquisition can begin in parallel with the Curriculum/Tools workgroup. Workgroup members could overlap. Math fluency facilitators do not have to be educators. However, we will require recent background checks for all volunteers.

Check-in / Hospitality – We will have a check-in desk for all students and volunteers. We expect to need 1 – 2 volunteers to assist with the check-in, leveraging existing CRC technology to ensure each participant is registered and wears a name tag. This workgroup is also expected to develop a program pre-registration approach for parents and/or guardians. Hospitality can be combined or be a separate workgroup. CRC desires to provide snacks or meals for volunteers and program participants. We need leadership in planning menus, and shopping lists, and volunteers for purchase preparation and distribution. 

Community Marketing/Awareness – This workgroup will help to begin raising awareness and gauging interest even while other work groups are finalizing their work. This work includes communicating with local schools, and developing electronic flyers, with QR codes for pre-registration for students and volunteers. 

Budget / Oversight – This workgroup coordinates with all other work groups to develop plan documents and budget requests to communicate with internal and external constituencies. 

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Pastor Scott Young at (804)924-7362.